Sickness Certificates

Under current legislation a Patient can “self certificate” for the first 7 working days of any illness. The self certificate (Form SC2) is available from the DSS office or your employer. We do not normally issue doctors certificates for the first week.

After the first week, if you require a free Statement of Fitness for Work (Fit Note), please make an appointment as these are obtained as part of a consultation with a doctor.

Form SC1 (Incapacity Benefit Claim Form) is available from this Practice for people who have an illness or disability and are unable to work.

People who are in work but require special medical treatment (e.g. dialysis, radiotherapy, chemotherapy) may also be eligible for this benefit.

If you require one for insurance or other purposes, please ask your doctor (a fee will be payable in this instance – details are available on a poster in the waiting room, at reception and on our website).

A receipt will be issued if requested.

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